I Am /
We Become.

Inner worlds;
Outer worlds.

We breathe, We create 

Captured by Elena Cremona

Multidisciplinary Artist
Dance/ Movement practitioner
Somatic Facilitator
Birth/ Earth Keeper

Weaving all sacred.

Shape Shifter
Creator of Realms
Weaver of all sacred


  h e A R T h
An instinctual knowing.

In my own experience, practice and craft I am informed and inspired by the interconnectivity of all, the fabric and nature of life itself and the profound mystery of being alive. 

Through the various practices of dance and movement disciplines
my attunement towards the body took shape over the years. Deliberately without institutional or conventional training my quest for self- discovery, expression and innovation in my own practice grew, as well as a continuous thrive to understand my embodied and multidimensional experience on a deeper level. Physical chronic pain, misalignment and inner turmoil being on the forefront that gave fuel to embark on an intentional journey, through the underworld first.

"Spirit is yearning for its home coming to the flesh and bones, to the here and now."

It is a re-membering, a weaving and integrating the many abandoned and exiled pieces of Self back into integral wholeness, a conscious flow,  moving with the mystery of being, and becoming, alive and fully realised in our unique forms...An ever continuous crafting. 

I firmly believe this vessel is meant to move...A natural and universal pattern in all organisms. Movement takes many forms and many shapes. Movement for me has always been a place of home coming, belonging and simultaneously a place of (re-) invention and discovery.
"The known and the unknown and
all of the in-between."

I am fascinated by the in-between states, phases, chapters, encounters and everything those places and forms offer us. Movement encapsulates the most fundamental principle of our life. We move. We change. We evolve. We transform and move again.  Even in stillness there is movement, our cells moving and communicating, like an orchestra in our flesh meant to sound and move in harmony, always in creation of vitality and a sense of equilibrium.  Human being and expression is looking for meaning in what and how we do, a natural tendency of an ever unfolding creative process. There is no other way but to move. We are meant to move and be moved.

We all carry a blueprint that wants to be expressed,  an essence that wants to be brought forth and embodied. We all hold an unique form in the sacred tapestry of life. To dream our own dream. At heart we are all artists.

I believe in the unlocking of our primordial, most original expression. I believe in creativity and imagination as a pathway to create new realms. I believe in boundless self actualisation and unearthing what is ours, to reclaim what has been buried, yet the bones still carry. To ignite our inner fire and strengthen our instinctual and Primal Senses, recognise our inherent connection to our Great Mother Earth, our responsibility as guardians and allies in All Relations. believe in the home coming of Self as a foundation to higher and coherent realms for all.

From the uniqueness of our individuality  to the connection of our collective spirit and relationship to all, may we flow and evolve  in the mystery, wide awake. May we come back into alignment  with our own unique nature , dance to the rhythms of our hearts, and wear our crowns accordingly.

As I Know My Roots 

I Know My Crown.

Portrait Taken By Luke Lentes,
Background Photo by Elena Cremona

Choose to Know
Voice Notes to Selves + Others

1 . Why
reflection prompt. What's your why? 

2 . Focus
Reflection prompt. How's your focus shaping your reality?